WWII 45 ACP spam can 756 rds $350 del to KCR

Location: St. Louis MO

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I have one unopened can of WWII .45acp ammunition for sale.  It was sent to Russia and later repackaged and sold.  756rds.  I bought two of these years ago, shot most of the other one, and saved this one.  Most rounds are from 1942 (going by what was in the other can).  I still have a few loose rounds from the last can that I will include.  "Mildly" corrosive, so you will have to clean up after firing it.  $350.  No trades please.  I would rather not ship it, but I am happy to deliver it to Knob Creek in October, if that happens to be convenient.  I haven't had much luck posting pics, but am happy to email them.



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Is this spam can still for sale ?



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