SCAM ALERT: User: kalashnigod; Guido Dante Fortunati, AKA: Yoana Renteria E-mail:


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Brothers, I was scammed. It cost me 100 dollars, but it was 100 dollars of experience. I am posting this, not so you all can confirm I am a moron, for this I already know, and a poorer one at that. I just wanted to get the word out as much as possible. The perpetrator is this guy: Guido Dante Fortunati, AKA: Yoana Renteria, AKA Joency Yoana Valencia Renteria, He went by the e-mail address of and contacted me about my WTB ad for M3 SMG Magazines. It wasn't until I had already completed the transaction that I realized I had made a mistake. I have since discovered that he is quite well known in other areas:


9 SEP 2016 in;

5 SEP 2016 in;

2 SEP 2016 in;

9 SEP 2016;



28 JUL 2016 in;



27 AUG 2016 in;



23 JAN 2005 in the forum;



1 SEP 2016 in;

25 SEP 016, in;

24 AUG 2016 in;



21 AUG 2016 in;



2 AUG 2016 in;!


Tascon Shop;


Culichi Store;

25 JUL 2016 in;

25 NOV 2004 in;



25 NOV 2004 in;

10 DEC 2004 in;



28 AUG 2016 in the;


Guido Fortunati;

14 DEC 2004 in;


Willwee, Goodwin Genovese;

14 SEP 2016 in;


Yoana Renteria;

5 SEP 2016 in


I could go one, but you get the point.

The address he used was 

Guido Dante Fortunati

CARRERA 10 #26-130

Medellin, Colombia 050030

Phone Number: - 3004992461

I sent funds to this bank account: BanColombia, savings account number 69346083999

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