WTB: Boys Anti Tank Gun Magazine 50 cal

Location: Jarrettsville, MD

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I am looking for a Boys Anti Tank Gun Magazine, that has been modified to accept 50 caliber rounds, and any help to get the Boys AT Gun to feed from the magazine. Thanks, Leonard  410-591-3799   

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Leonard,  my first boyes conversion to U.S .50 cal   was in 1961. since then I have done more than 25 and still own 3.  the receiver opening will not accept a .50 brn flat out of a mag, its too short.  while one could  add to the length of the mag, the round would need to come at an extreme angle out of it, as the opening is just too danged short. I have tried many options like making 2 mags out of 3 and so forth. the hurdle of the receiver opening always killing it. the most promise was  cutting the feed lips off of a barrett mag and attaching a boyes bottom. I then machined a follower that presented the rnd at the proper angle to feed.  the spring killed that . I tried flat leaf, flat leaf and coil combination and a series of 4 coils. no luck .   to compensate , when I close the bolt and chamber a round, I lay another round on top of the extractor. when ejecting the fired round the new round feeds perfect, while working the bolt, I grab another round to place on the extractor. it actually works quite well   , but my guns are on 1917 tripods and are fairly stable. even my lite weight with 20"barrel .  the other option is custom handloads with a shorter OAL , I do a bit of that also   if you are EVER successful in your quest, and don't inform me, A POX ON YOU !  cheers mike

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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