WTS Pre-sample 1928 Thompson $14,500

Location: Texas

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I have a very nice condition 1941 production Savage built Bridgeport address Thompson model 1928.  It is matching numbers with knurled actuator, nickel bolt, paddle selectors, and all Savage/Stevens marked part.  I just had the grip frame and receiver re-blued by Philadelphia Ordnance.  I also had him remove the original barrel because it was showing its age and the comp had quite a bit of lead buildup.  The barrel and comp I had him install were from an excellent condition early WWII parts kit and appeared unfired.  This is an early 1928, not a 1928A1, and all the original markings are intact.  The oil on the receiver made it a little hard to photograph. It looks nicer in person.  It is stamped KPD in three places but I can not say for sure what department that it came from. This is a pre-sample and only available to dealers with a SOT.  The price is $14,500 delivered.












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Interested contact  I am still interested if you want to talk maybe a package deal with a few of the others you have up

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more info

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Im Interested Please contact

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