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Looking for a Pre 86 dealer sample HK sear or trigger pack.  Would also be interested in a HK transferable sear or pack, host gun would be fine.  Also interested in other dealer sample HK guns.  Please PM with what you have and what you are looking to get for it. 

Thanks for looking.

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WRH, you kind of left A LOT of information out of your ad, which will only help you get the items you need, such as:

Pre 86 sear? That is just a part you can buy from any HK parts house?

Pre 86 trigger pack? standard SEF, Navy SEF, Pictogram - 2, 3 or 4 position???

If you are truly looking for Pre 86 Dealer Samples, then you are a Dealer, please let Andy know so your account can be upgraded to commercial, then we know you are a dealer.

Also, it would help if you Posted exactly who you and your business is in your "signature". 

Let folks know who you are! who is going to take the time to send dealer sample info to an unknown person/dealer? 

NFA Investments 

FFL/SOT Class III (63) Dealer Since 2005  Mesa, AZ.  

Cell #’s 503-720-2280 or escheid@comcast.net

Heckler & Koch weapons, Colt M16’s and Pre 86 Dealer Sample weapons.

All items posted for sale, are in inventory and NFA items are on Form 3’s ready for transfer.




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