WTS: Original Bulgarian RPD complete set with wooden case

Location: Findlay, OH

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VERY RARE, never fired, Original Bulgarian set of RPD's with original shipping container as issued to Bulgarian field units in 1953 cold war era.  Both were built by Project Guns from complete original Bulgarian kits including original Bulgarian chrome lined barrels (nearly impossible to find).   Set is in excellent condition, complete and never fired.  Not very many of these complete RPD issued sets out there let alone a true Bulgarian complete set.    I believe most were parted out after importation.

Don't miss this rare and collectible find for your Com-bloc collection!!!!    

Kit comes with the following:

  • 2 semi - RPD  1953 mgf.  Never fired.
  • 2 standard issue canvas gun cases.
  • 2 standard issue canvas gun slings/straps.
  • 10 Bulgarian drums plus 2 extra.  All drums complete with belts and oiled with cosmoline still in place.
  • 10 original drum pouches 
  • 2 standard issue RPD tool cases complete with cleaning kit rods, extractor units and cleaning tools.
  • 2 standard issue Bulgarian oiler containers.
  • 1 original wooden construction carry container complete with correctly Bulgarian markings.  Case still has the Bulgarian issue cosmoline packing paper liner in place.  

Extras - 2 extra Bulgarian drums (mentioned).  Original cut receivers and miscellaneous parts from build.  Extra set of 3 front hand-guards, extra top cover with feed tray.

Asking price $12,000.00 shipped to your FFL.

Prefer cash but willing to consider the following trades with cash difference made up by either party as needed;

  • Complete Maclomar PKM kit/set (unfired preferrably but willing to discuss)
  • Already built - M249 or M240
  •  Sig 550 or 551 SP (NIB preferrably but willing to discuss)
  • Shrike kit

Thanks for looking!


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Just AWESOME!!! That is one (two) of the coolest firearms I have seen for sale here. Wow! I wish I had the money to invest in these two beauties.

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Have seen these in person and will have to say this pair/package is some of project guns most impressive work. Have had a few Russian RPDs built by Stan so actually have experience in these. This is the only complete package RPDs I have ever seen,most collectibles! Deal with confidence. Have been a Sturm member and would stand behind this beautiful set of Unfired Bulgys 100%

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