WTS: US small primer assy for 25x194R shells

Location: Nokesville, VA.

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and other various US artillery shells that use the US small primer assembly. These were purchased over 15 years ago for my Puteaux's.

Very hard to find now, as new demill regs require total destruction, as in ground up entirely to make them totally unusable.

If you reload for Hotchkiss or Puteaux AT cannons, these are a must have item.

$5 ea. bagged in lots of 10 for $50 and 20 for $100.

Plus USPS small flat rate shipping.

Very limited quantity to sell.

***Anyone who responded the last time I put these up on Sturm and never followed through with the purchase, don't bother inquiring again, because I won't sell them to you. You know who you are, don't make me post your name as a deadbeat buyer, cause you know I will!!!***





USPMO only please.

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