WTS: HK45, 45CT, USP 45, USPC Titanium Thread Protector - 16 X 1mm $25

Location: SLC,Utah

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Be sure to check out our new offering--the solid titanium HK .45 caliber tactical thread protector. This cap fits all HK 45 cal full size & compact barrels threaded 16mm X 1mm left hand thread. A must have item to protect your threaded barrels, exposed threads & your HK pistol investment. Each thread protector has a built in O-ring to allow the best fit possible to prevent the thread protector from coming loose. Each unit features the "crown sheild" to cover and protect the exposed end of all barrels.

Order on our website or by phone.

WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494

Thread Protector HK45, H45C, USP .45 & USPC .45 - Titanium || $24.95


Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK pistol parts.

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