Cy @ Rattlesnake MFG

WTS: 4.5” AR-15/M-16 barrel and gas tube $165 shipped

Location: Kansas

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4.5” barrels are chambered in .223 Wylde, made from 41V50, have 1:7 twist, and are .936” OD. The muzzle is threaded ½”-28 x .550” long, barrel extension and barrel extension pin are installed. The barrels come headspaced and the gas port is drilled to the proper size and location for proper function. Gas tubes are pre-bent and may need minor adjustment to fit different manufacturers gas blocks, I recommend the Brownells micro gas blocks. Reliable and extremely loud. Use ammo comparable to M855 or M193 for best results, also runs great on Tulammo 55gr fmj, Tula gives the largest flash. Tends to run best with an H2 or H3 buffer, may vary with ammo. For AR pistols, SBRs, AOWs, and machine guns only, all NFA rules apply.




Offered by Rattlesnake Mfg, LLC formerly High Caliber Conversions, LLC


1 Barrel and 1 gas tube, $165 shipped USPS Priority, payment by USPS MO only.


Additional gas tubes are $25 shipped.


Email questions or to purchase,


Night time 100 rd Beta mag dump @ Big Sandy shoot Fall 2013


55 rd mag dump


30 rd mag dump

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