Tall Pine

Savage model 11, 204 ruger, DNZ mount & ammo

Location: Central Florida

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Nice Savage Accustock & Accutrigger package here. Rifle looks new/unfired with stickers still on the stocks, but I cannot say for sure. It has a 22" barrel and comes with 1 mag. The gun is in pristine condition, I cannot find a bad spot anywhere on it. The DNZ scope mount #36200 is 30mm. There are a total of 66 live rounds of ammo, and 31 spent brass cases. All you need is to add a scope and hit the range to try out one of the fastest cartridges ever made (approx 4,000 fps).

I need $525 shipped CONUS for everything. USPS money order only. I will ship the ammo direct to your house with a copy of your DL. The rifle and DNZ ship to your FFL from an Individual. If you by chance are in FL and a FL resident, I can ship direct to you without it going to an FFL since its a long gun. The first public I'll take it gets it.










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