SVD to PSL handguard adapter brackets

Location: Citrus Heights, Ca.

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Hi guys-
I have a limited edition run of custom adapters/brackets that let you put
genuine SVD Dragunov handguards on your PSL rifle.

-Aluminum, made in USA
-anodized black
-integral sling hook
-machine screw included
-free shipping
-designed for real SVD handguards BUT Airsoft will work (may require
 additional shimming- the front tab is pretty small)

$139.99 shipped to your door. Take off $10 if you purchase two sets.

I have some SVD handguards available, PM me for info.

 *** USPS MONEY ORDER ONLY AT THIS TIME. PM me after posting "I'll take it" or "I'll take a complete set" all other questions PM ONLY
I have an installation guide that shows you how to:

-modify your gas tube with a bench grinder or angle grinder

-dremel out some of the "meat" on the inside of the handguard. If you own
any AK type weapon, you should already own a dremel tool
-remove original handguard retainer (this rifle isn't mine, I don't even own a PSL) :(

- drill correct hole in SVD front tabs. Guys I don't even change my own oil and I did this... several times already! [/COLOR][/I]


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About 20% of these are sold, when they're gone, they're gone!

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