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New Form 4 - completion question


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This is the first time I have used the new form 4 since it was changed and I would like to avoid making any mistakes if possible.

If the transferee is a SOT sole prop for a smg coming from a non FFL/SOT on a form 4 I assume no CLEO notification is necessary and just like we did in the past box 1, box 2a, box 2b, box 5, box 6a, box 6b, box 13, plus the certification at the bottom of page two must be signed/dated. Not to mention how the payment will be made documented on page 3. If I have missed anything please advise.

I also assume we would not check any blocks in box 2a.

I realized all the info from the transferor must be filled in as well. I was mainly concerned about the transferee.


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