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So what SPECIFIC parts are different between the M2HB and the M3? I'm aware of the obvious...barrel, shroud, buffer. But what about the small parts like those in the recoil assembly, top cover, feed assembly, etc.? 

I've noticed some small variances in some parts that I can't tell if they're just minor design changes or if they are specifically for one gun or the other. 


WANTED: Japanese MG-related & Chauchat-related Parts/Accessories

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There are many parts that are different but many can also be used.  Top covers are different, M3 has a wider slide to increased belt lift; Bolt has lightening holes; Trunion usually does not have front sight mounting grooves; Top plate usually does not have bolt hold open (for semi fire); Rear buffer plate; Sides plates are machined for chargers; mounting holes allows use on tripod and mounts common to M2HB.  Really best source is TM 9-219 (AN-M3); TM 9-225 M2 aircraft basic; There is also a TB on just id of all Cal..50 series. 

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