WTB Original “Indiana” case for the Thompson Submachine Gun

Location: Indiana

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Looking to acquire an original Indiana style case for the Thompson Submachine Gun.

These cases are described and pictured in the book “The Ultimate Thompson Book” by Tracie Hill on page 643.  The interior is configured to hold the Thompson submachine gun with the buttstock removed, an L drum and six XX magazines.  In the early 80’s book, The Thompson Submachine Gun book by Roger Cox, he describes having seen 10 of these cases with a violet interior, although there are known examples with red interiors.
Pictured below is a reproduction example.
My assumption is that there are a few of these out there and I am looking to find one available for sale.
If you have one or know of a collector of Thompson accessories who has one of these, that would be willing to discuss selling, please contact me by PM.
Reproduction Thompson Indiana style case.jpg
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