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I have a new to me Registered Ar 180 machine gun.  The lower is the serial numbered and registered part.  Here is the question...Can I get a gunsmith to convert another upper to function with the registered lower?

Who does Ar 180 work?



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heath, congrats on your new piece!  while a great system, the lack of current or recent production creates a major hurdle to overcome when it comes to parts. not sure who for work, but my first choice is always bob naess at black river. if he wont, he may offer a lead.  it will take some major fab work to create an upper. I have been chasing 18's since day one and have quite a bit on hand including a lot of prototype and pre production stuff.  most is to support the guns I have and wont be offered. while I have sold off almost all of my selectfire uppers. I would not have any idea what the value is today but got $1200 for all I would sell in 2004 for a nos stripped upper so would have to give it some major research before going on. the auto sear assembly will also be very tough. most of the surplus from south America has all ready hit our shores , but a wee bit may pop up from time to time. I have removed ALL the original barrels from my guns to save them and replaced them with chrome lined AR15 barrels. I also had all the internals ARMALOYED. a version of hard chrome applied under several atmospheres of pressure. this keeps the wear to a min and requires almost no lube . all parts but the bolt itself. I would suggest you buy an original "costa mesa" mfg semi rifle to support yours and strip it for parts. you can then sell what is of no use and get back a major amount. a couple of my early semi's had full auto carriers in them, but its a simple matter to convert a semi if need be. the guns have recently gone up but were stagnant for a long time so you might make that a priority. you should be able to connect for $1500.if you watch hard and act fast . most will be offered just under $2k    The howa guns have the best finish and attention to detail while still interchangeable I have NEVER seen any full auto parts in one. I would steer away from any sterling guns for the parts, unless yours was a conversion of a sterling semi. that's about all I can think of for now. if you have any questions  just let me know! cheers mike

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I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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thx, that at least starts me in a direction.


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