WTS: Hubertus Solingen True Hunters Knife from '70s or '80s

Location: Antioch, IL

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Picked this Hubertus Solingen Auto Hunting Knife up at a Antique & Collectors Arms Show some 25 years ago. (You can tell it is older by the etching on the blade being different). It was too nice a knife to carry around on a daily basis so it sat in a drawer in the open position for all that time. As you can see from the pics, the one blade is auto, and the second blade is a staggered double row of teeth saw that will cut through bone or a tree branch like it was going through butter. This knife has never been used so the blades look like new. The scales, handle, or whatever you call it is real Deer Antler. The old world workmanship shows in the weight and the solid way it literally slams open when deployed. I paid $200 for it back then and I found it on some collectors knife site a few months ago for a considerably higher price.

I would let it go for $165 shipped . You can PM/IM , me here or text/call me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand.  Call or text anytime, Darek










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