MG-42, C&R, Original WWII Bring Back

Location: Pennsylvania

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This MG-42 was picked up by my grandfather during WWII while he was deployed in France. He shipped it home and registered it with the US Treasury in the 1940's. It was directly transferred to me and is on a Form 4 in my name in Pennsylvania.

It has had less than 1,000 rounds through it since my grandfather picked it up. It still runs well and I have videos of it running 50 round belts without any trouble.

The gun is complete with Waffenamt markings throughout the gun. I notice them on the trigger group, trunnion, barrel, bolt, top cover and I am sure on other parts that I have not noticed.

This gun has never been restored/refinished or "worked over". It is in the original condition it was found in on a battlefield in Europe.

I have the standard spare parts from RTG Parts, including a 308 conversion kit and various spare parts that I would include with the sale.

I have many additional high resolution photos that I can email. Please contact me if you would like a copy of them sent to you.

Asking $48,000



left side front full red.jpg

right side front view red.jpg

left side full red.jpg

right side full red.jpg

butt stock left side red.jpg

trigger group stamping red.jpg

top cover markings red.jpg

barrel markings red.jpg

bolt rear 2 red.jpg

bolt head 2 red.jpg

under top cover 1 red.jpg

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Always like seeing another MG42.  Good luck with the sale!

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