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m-11/9 WTS; CF-W heavy tungsten bolts and parts for the SWD M-11/9

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The major drawback of the SWD M-11/9 has always been it's very high rate of fire. It's little more than a bullet hose in OEM form. Over the years, various methods have been employed to reduce the ROF. These have ranged from dismal to very good. Unfortunately, rate of fire reduction has come at the expense of overall size... until now. 

The CF-W bolts are manufactured from Tungsten Heavy Alloy. While very close to the density of pure tungsten, heavy alloys provide a unique combination of corrosion resistance, density, mechanical strength, machinability, and economy. This increases the bolt's original weight of 15.88 ounces up to 32 ounces, and reduces the ROF by over half. As seen in this customer's video, singles are now possible while retaining the original compact size.

The reviews of the first run of 100 have been very positive and they sold out very quickly.

All bolts are delivered pre-assembled and ready to drop into your OEM upper or side cocker. For ease of recoil spring removal, the "paper clip mod" has been made to your spring guide rod. This modification allows for the fast, easy change of the recoil spring or to quickly clip additional coils to adjust your ROF as desired. No tiny roll pins to deal with! Your CF-W bolt ships with 12 spring coils clipped, and we reccomend a maximum of fifteen total removed. This brings your rate of fire down to 620-640 RPM depending on the type of ammo used.

Cost for a completely assembled CF-W bolt is $750.00. We now offer FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping! Your package is fully insured, so an adult signature is required at time of delivery. Credit cards are cheerfully accepted but their use will add a 3.5% up charge.

To order, please call  1-702-763-1269 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. For additional information please email Sorry, no Nevada sales at this time. 

*Extra polyurethane buffers are available for $4.50 each.  
*I'd strongly suggest the purchase of an extra ejector rod for $11.00.
*Recoil spring guide rods are available for $10.00 each. 
*Spare recoil springs $7.50 each. Two recoils springs, $13.25. 
*I have a few NOS original "hockey puck" style cocking knobs at $15.00 each. 
*Enhanced extractors are $9.50, extractor spring is $4.50. 
*OEM style firing pins, $20.00
*Firing pin retainers $9.00.
*Extractor roll pins, 2 for $2.00.
*Recoil/back plates $7.50.
We have every part needed for an OEM style bolt. These are always available and in stock. A flat $2.50 charge applies for as many small parts as you'd like to order. 

Trouble shooting guide.

Go from this...

...To this!!!






*A CF-W bolt for the M-11 and M-11A1 .380acp buzz guns is currently under development! The future is tungsten!








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VegasSMG is a super nice guy, a pleasure to deal with, and very well

versed in this product and Mg's.  My CF-W bolt arrived quickly

and was packaged tip top.

I look forward to purchasing the other models when they come

to market.. Thanks Again!



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i have one also. besides running like the proverbial sewing machine it's a beautiful piece of kit.

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Testing of the protoype .380acp CF-W bolt for the M-11 & M-11A1 is now underway!



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Immediate shipping on CF-W tungsten bolts and supporting parts for the M-11/9 continues. Absolutely no waiting, and we offer insured USPS Priority Mail shipping free of charge. 

Testing and minor tweaking of the heavy tungsten alloy .380 bolt continues. This bolt holds real promise, and we have started a no obligation wait list. We anticipate shipping to begin before the end of the year. Email us to be added to the .380 CF-W bolt wait list.

For updates, please follow us on Facebook.



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Heavy tungsten alloy bolts for the M-11/9 are in stock and ready to ship!

Drop in installation of the CF-W bolt in your SWD M-11/9 creates the smallest 9mm subgun with the lowest ROF available anywhere in the world. Call 702-763-1269 to order. 



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