WTS FN M240L/ MAG-58 Collapsible stock, M240L Short CQB new type barrel and 240L Optic Rail Belt feed covers, Parts, spade Grip set Tons of Pics

Location: Western NC Mountains

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I have the following original Factory M240 and MAG-58 parts for sale, all are in New condition unless noted.

M240L Rare New type collapsible stock complete and new condition 425.00 see pic

M240L Rail Optic Picitinney Top Cover complete with all parts, Left Hand feed, all new, 425.00  see pics

M240 New Feed tray, Left feed for above cover, 125.00

M240 Rare complete Right side feed Top cover M240 to build that twin mount and feed from each side complete  with new Right side feed tray as a set 600.00 see pics

M240 Right side feed tray only, new 135.00

M240L Short Barrel new in wrap 2 only complete with vortex flash hider installed from factory 800.00 ea.

M240B Heavy Barrel, complete Infantry version 800.00 new condition 1 available only!

M240B Heat shield new in the box 75.00

M240L Newest type special heat shield for 240L CQB Short barrel, 1 Only and new condition 100.00

M240H Complete set of Spade grips and trigger group, as new, just as used on a Helo door gun or top of an armored vehicle, see pic 850..00

M240 Recoil Buffer spring and rod group new in package 50.00

M240 or M249 Selenoid Firing module for remote firing, Have most trigger linkage with it not shown As new 500.00

M240 bipod, new condition 135.00

M240 trigger group new condition complete 200.00

M240 Buttstock in exc. condition complete with newest type hydrualic Buffer 150.00

M240 Bolt complete and new condition with included cross op-rod pin 250.00

M240 Bandoleer attachment to use the cloth/cardboard M60 100 rnd on the 240B, new complete, see pic 35.00

M240 Cocking handle replacement factory new, 115.00

M240 Top cover replacement parts set New and complete set , all new type parts to build a stripped top cover, Great spare set to have, 225.00

M240 Ejection port cover and pin replacement set , (Take detent off of yours) 30.00

M240 Top cover front hinge pin, new type,45.00

M240 Pistol grip frame take down pin, new 35.00

M240 or M249 Padded Bulldog Coyote color sling with QD Attachments 50.00

M240 Blank adapter , new 25.00

M240/M249 Camo Spare barrel bag, padded with Heat shield to lay Hot barrel, exc-as new with sling, many pockets for all your LMG gear 75.00

M240 Sear, new 40.00

M240 Firing Pin , new in wrap 50.00

M240 Ejector set, all 3 parts 65.00

M240 Top cover tension front assembly set complete 65.00

Other small parts for the M240 available just Enquire.

M240 Carbon scrapper combo tool , exc. 35.00


paypal or M.O. or your good check!

Flat rate shipping for most all items, Insurance optional!

Email is best to me at GPrue8@aol.com or call 828-773-1938

Alpine Military Concepts






240 rail  cover.jpeg

240 left and right rail top cover.jpg

240 coll stock open and closed.jpg

240 selenoid.jpg

240 grip.jpg

240 spades.jpg

240 bbl new.jpg

240 short bbl.jpg

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Hello , im interested in the recoil spring and rod group and the bolt lock rails for the inside of the receiver that you have next to the top cover. Cartridge guide blocks for front of reciever and possibly the trigger group and take down pin. Thanks let me know what you have and pics.

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might be best to call me 828-773-1938

pics are on the ad, just scroll down,

I have the other parts available if you want to give me a call thanks,



240 short bbl.jpg

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