WTS: HK Pistol Trigger Return Springs & Trigger Return Spring Tool $4+

Location: SLC, Utah

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We offer various HK 45/45C, USP/USPC, P30/P30L, VP9/VP40, etc. trigger return springs on our website. From heavy & match trigger return springs, to extra on hand spares & upgrade springs, we've got you covered. We also offer a trigger return spring tool that has been custom made to assist and aid in the installation & removal of all trigger return springs. An affordable MUST have tool for any HK owner that plans on working on their HK pistol. Be sure to check out the offerings below!

Order on our website or by phone.

WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494

[Trigger Return Springs]

HK VP9, VP40

VP9, VP40 Trigger Return Spring || $3.95

HK 45, 45C

Trigger Rebound Spring - HK45, HK45C || $8.95


Trigger Spring For HK USP & USP Compact || $8.95

HK P30, P30L

Light Trigger Return Spring For P30, P30L & P30SK || $7.95

Heavy Trigger Return Spring For HK P30, P30L || $13.95

P30, P30L Trigger Return Spring V4 Medium Weight || $14.95

Various HK Pistols

Match Trigger Return Spring - HK Pistols || $8.95

Light Trigger Return Spring - HK Pistols || $8.95


[TRS Tool for HK Pistols]

Trigger Return Spring Tool For All HK Pistols || $14.95


Thanks for looking! Click here to view more HK parts & accessories available on our website.

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