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WTS:M-134 Mini-Gun, DS, $72,500 in Casper, WY


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Post May DS sample 100% complete. Just 
add batteries and ammo. 2 door Dillon 
delinker/loader, complete GCU. 12 extra 
barrels, 4 extra Dillon bolts, yoke, 
round repositioner, 2 chutes, rare 
Dillon bolt take down tool, extra bolt 
springs, ground mount, display stand, 
display safing sector, 
three 500 round ammo cans, manuals. 
Excellent shooter. Ready to go on a form 3.


Contact wsdinc307@gmail.com

Mini Gun_2 resized.jpg

Mini Gun_4 resized.jpg

Mini Gun_5 resized.jpg

Mini Gun_6 resized.jpg

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