WTB: M11/.380 stock, Ares links & bags

Location: Lincoln, MO

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I need a folding stock for Cobray M11/.380 SMG and links and bags for Ares Shrike.  RSVP with price.  Thank you!


Don @ Ozark Armory


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Howdy. I assume your looking for the wire form single loop model original to the nug?  Cobray company in north Dakota still has them for sale although they are the double loop model for the M11/9.  Here is the mail address  cobray@cobray.com.  Phone number is 1-800-861-1323.  Also i talked to Russell over at RPB back in December and he said the tooling has been sold off and dispersed . So no more.


If you can only find a double loop stock, I have single loop butts here that I can trade.


Good luck,


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