Non-Commercial $20 Checkout Question: Are there TWO (Single Year $20 Only & Automated Yearly Due $20) payment icon options or One Automated Yearly Due $20 icon?


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My balances are usually $0 and I wish to avoid setting up any automated payments, that may result in overdraft, late charges or bounce. Furthermore the PayPal account may change or close down the road.
Once at Checkout, is there a clickable PayPal icon option, for a One Time Single Year Membership payment of only $20? So the transaction is closed and not automated into a yearly payment drawn from PayPal.
Or is the only option at PayPal, for setting up an Automated $20 Yearly collection through PayPal?
I would prefer to manage the account payment manually as one payment and close the transaction to future automated payments. Unless of course, I go to PayPal manually through this sites checkout next year.
My bad system/device/connection just crashed/disconnected at Checkout. So I was unable to see the options clearly once at PayPal to confirm payment. But while at this sites Checkout, I saw two $20 payments (This years $20 that also sets up an automated yearly due) without a selection box to click $20 for Only One Year. Maybe I should have given the page more time to load.
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I believe the page didn't finish loading.  I will ask Andy to review this.

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The checkout system should only charge for this year, and next year will send a reminder to renew, but as per the software developer (and my testing) will not automatically renew.

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Thank you. After crashing, finally got through at Checkout. Have been frozen for 1hr+ trying to upload avitar.

Please remove (double click post on parts for sale) with my very bad connection, sorry.


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