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Picked this up from a family friend for $2500.  Not sure if i did well or not.  He set the price and i just agreed.  What do you guys think of it.  My knowledge of older firearms is about nothing.  So anything interested here please shout it out.











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YOU CAN RELAX !!  while it can be tough to do family friend deals and come out with any self respect, you WON this time !  its hard to tell from the pics but you have a MINIMUM value of $3500 easy.   if the finish on the gun has not been messed with and the rest is matching it will bring even more, in my opinion the value is as follows,

 DWM 1917 artillery luger $1200/ $1500 +   holster min $150 , snail drum if functional and not repo $1750/$2500, stock w/lug $500/$750  while the new grips would create a major distraction, at recent rock island and Julia auctions packages like yours have brought an average of $4500 . a drum alone $2600 and a stock $900. these are all + 15% buy premium if there is a loading tool hiding under the holster flap and its orig you can add $350 to $1k  again its tough to evaluate with more details I tried to stay on the LOW side .                

                                       good job!!     mike

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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Mike Todd is ABSOLUTLY correct.

One thing you might consider is having Jerry Burney repair the leather strap on the holster. Mike might disagree but Jerry's work is top notch and I doubt that you will be able to tell it has been repaired.

If you get "buyer's remorse" and want to sell it just let me know--I'll guarantee you a profit.



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