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30 cal or 50 cal BMG Mount

i shoot both 30 and 50 off of the Mount. The guy who made the mount retired. I bought the last of his inventory. The top is new-unused. Nicely done. I use a modded 50 cal can with a J hook on it under gun for Twin A4. For 50 I set up left and right feed.

Top-new-unused at $2200

Everything nut, bolt, pins, all new -nice welds

Bottom with 4 bolt on legs, also all new, the legs are not shown in pictures. 3 feet long all new and adjustable $2200

One set only to sell  Will sell top or bottom separately or as a pair will discount to $4200

Very heavy duty set up. Shoots twin 50s nicely and a breeze with A4s. Breaks downing easily to transport . One person can easily transport and set up

can send pictures on request

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