WTB- parts kit for building a Leinad derringer

Location: corona,california

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I'm searching for one of those old complete parts kit for building a Leinad  side by side .45LC/410 gauge derringer type pistols. They were originally developed by Cobray under the company names such as Leinad, FMJ, Ducktown, and probably more names. I want to build one for personal use, normally the kits were containing all necessary parts except for the breach plate and I already found a source for those. I just can't seem to find a parts kit. If anyone has one they'd like to sell contact me or leave a reply on this site. If you know of any sources for finding the kits please let me know as well.


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Howdy. You might want to try EXCALIBUR LLC. They only have a phone numbers  In ducktown tennesse .  1 800 642 1600.    1 423 496 4200   1 423 496 2201  Ask for dick.   Good luck !!!

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