WTS: ZM Weapons Systems/Yankee Hill Machine LR300-ML 11.53" Complete Upper

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WTS: The following: ZM Weapons/Yankee Hill Machine  ****************** SOLD ********************************************************


The LR-300 rifle is gas operated, and utilizes modified Stoner-type direct gas impingement system. In this modified system, the gas key is extended forward to form the tube, that portrudes forward from the receiver and into the hand guard. The portruding part of the gas key tube is used to host the bolt return spring, which is placed between the front receiver wall and the collar at the front of the gas key tube. The gas tube,which runs rearward from the gas block / front sight base, is strengthened as its rear end floats freely to enter the extended gas key tube when bolt group is in the battery. That way, at least some of the hot gases from inside the gas carrier are expelled outside the receiver and into the inner hand guard area, through the extended gas key tube, once it has left the gas tube during the bolt group recoil movement. Additional benefit of this system is that it allows the bolt carrier to be made twice as short compared to the standard AR-15- type bolt carrier. In turn, this results in the fact that there's no need for the recoil buffer tube, which is normally protruding backward from the AR-15-type lower receiver. A Yankee Hill Machine side folding butt stock (metal) is utilized.  I am told by previous owner that this particular generation upper is machine gun rated  (trying to verify). I understand that ZM Weapons sold the rights to Para USA around 2008/2009. I also understand that there was a VERY limited run of these upper assemblies and not much availability. To be sold as a complete upper for your AR pistol or SBR (NFA rules apply)  Would rate overall condition at 98%+++  Attached flash hider is only hand tight.  $ 1,975.00 shipped in CONUS  

Checks (allow 7 days to clear) or Postal MO only for the above Upper Assembly. E-mail me DIRECT with questions or to purchase 

ZM Weapons Upper 11.53 (2).JPG

ZM Weapons 11.53 inch Upper.JPG

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