Sidebar, Reputation Points, & "Likes" - How Do They Work?

David Albert
By David Albert in Site Help and General Info,
When a topic is opened, there is a sidebar on the left hand side of everyone's posts along the topic, including your own, if you have participated in the conversation.    The Sidebar displays the following: Board Name, and flag of the country where your IP address lives A subtitle that may have been customized by an Admin - Most will say "Recruit" Your icon photo (if you have uploaded one)  - It will default to a shadow if one is not uploaded Your Member Status (Rank w/insignia) A feedback number (# of reputation points) The total number of posts you have made Reputation & Likes: In the lower right hand corner of every window that is created whenever anyone posts, or replies to a post, is a "Like" button.  Everyone is probably familiar with this feature from social media.  Here on, it is a way to give reputation points, which will add to the member's reputation point total shown on their sidebar.  Feel free to "Like" any post, whether it's because you like the item posted for sale, or you are in the discussion forums, and someone makes a very informative post, or a cogent argument or reply. The number of reputation points that can be awarded daily by a member is limited, based on member status Almost everyone can award 3 reputation points per day Negative points can be given to replies - Only do this if the reply is really bad, or ill-informed Reputation Point Translation: 0-9 = Neutral, 10-19 = Good, 20 and above = Excellent - There are others shown in red, if someone has negative reputation points, but I hope that doesn't happen - Expect to be "Neutral" for quite a while, until enough points are awarded Enjoy! David Albert  
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