WTB - Rifle magazines manufactured prior to 1994

Location: Blue State, Northeast USA

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Seeking pre-ban rifle magazines for AR platform, Ruger 10/22, Mini-14, AK (7.62x39).  These MUST have been manufactured before 1994 as they'll come to live in a state that still has Clinton's AWB in force. Any dates on the mag body MUST be before 1994.   Looking for operational mags, Ramline, Eagle, Colt, Thermold, Made in England, IDI, Adventureline, Okay, Simmons, Labelle, Sanchez, ChiCom, Warsaw Pact,   I will pay by USPS money order for mags and shipping costs. 



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i have either 4 or 5 Thermold pre ban ar mags, excellent


whats your offer per mag?

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