WTS: Madsen LMG 7mm Parts Kit + Magazines + AP Ammo $1,600 OBO

Location: Cincinnati, Oh

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For sale is a Madsen 7mm Mauser LMG Parts Kit.  Kit comes with ten 30 round magazines, a M50 Short barrel shroud, flash hider, and Bi-pod.  Also includes 98 rounds of WW2 Vintage AP 7mm Ammunition.  Price is $1,500 Or Best Offer plus shipping.

This is a really nice condition Madsen LMG parts set in 7mm Mauser.  This is a pre-WWII issue gun with the longer barrel and has the late style top cover release and  3-position fire control lever (safe, unload and fire), and long bipod legs. Kit also comes with the Barrel jacket, flash hider, and Bi-pod to convert to the shorter later style guns.  Rifle saw very little if any use before demilling.  All finish is present and wood looks to be in great shape.  Rifle has been in Cosmoline (barrel still is, receiver cleaned) shows no sign of rust or degradation. 


This gun is currently in 7mm Mauser configuration, but could be converted to 308 with the addition of a new barrel.  This is an older demiled kit, so all receiver pieces are included and are from this gun, can be easily restorable to functioning SA or FA (with proper license) condition.  If you don’t feel like doing the restoration yourself you can send off to Precision Arms for them to do the conversion and rewelding services for around ($400).  They also manufacture new barrels. 

Gun comes complete with ten 30 round magazines.  These magazines are hard to find, but are included in the kit price well below the current market price of about $60-80 each.  You get 11 magazines in great condition, usable, and included in the sale.    

Pictures available upon request. 

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Price lowered

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Very interested! Please email me with pictures. 

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