WTS: RM-38 & RM-39 50mm Mortars $2600 OBO

Location: Cincinnati Ohio

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For Sale is a set of RM-38, and RM-39 mortars (enough to make two 50mm mortars minus one barrel) plus a original manual.  Both mortars are of Russian origin but one of the mortar was put into service by the Vietnamese before being Captured and brought to the United States.  I am asking $2600 (or best offer) for everything plus shipping.


For those who don't know the RM-38, and RM-39 was a Soviet 50mm light infantry mortar.  The barrel was clamped at two elevation angles only on the MR-38 mortar - 45 and 75 degrees (comes with bi-pod, and fixed base plate). Range variations were made by altering a sleeve round the base of the barrel. This sleeve opened a series of gas ports which bled off exhaust gases and so determined the range.


RM-38 Mortar comes with a complete bi-pod, mortar cup and oval base plate.  These components are in museum quality condition.  There is no rust, strong blue color, and complete with a working gas port on cup assembly, working hydraulic buffer on bi-pod and firing pin. This mortar looks to have been used very little, or none at all. This mortar is only missing the barrel assembly. This is a non NFA item, but will need to transfer to an FFL. 

RM-39 Mortar was captured during the Vietnam war, and brought back as a war trophie.  This was originally a Russian weapon put into service by the Vietnamese, and has a great brass data plate on the base plate that tells the story of the gun.  This mortar comes with a complete barrel, mortar cup and round base plate.  After the Vietnamese took possession they fitted the mortar with a handle to be used as a knee style mortar so it could be used without a bi-pod.  These components are in good usable condition, great patina, but the missing some original finish.  There is no rust, complete with a working gas port on cup assembly, and firing pin.   The barrel is an early demill with a pin welded across the inside (no holes drilled through), and the entire assembly welded to the cup.  This could be restored to usable condition once the paperwork completed.  There is no damage to the structure of the barrel. This is a non NFA item, but will need to transfer to an FFL. 

Original Manual is a great addition to this set.  This is a hard to find accessory for these mortars, and very expensive when they do become available.  This will let you know everything, on how to care, maintenance, fire, disassemble, and other accessories to keep an eye out for.  The most important thing this contains is a technical drawing with great dimensions of the mortar rounds, fuses, and lift charges if you wish to recreate. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Pictures are available upon request.   



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Please send pics to

Any projectiles/practice rounds?

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