WTS: Pre-sample M240B/MAG-58 $77,000

Location: McKinney, Texas

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UPDATE:  I have included pictures of all the parts that are available.  The mount pictured was modified by adding a deflector so all the brass catches in the bag.  It fits on a standard 42AA mount.  The parts will be offered to the purchaser at reduced pricing.  If the buyer is not interested, then I'll sell them separately.

Pre-sample FN M240/MAG-58. Form 3 shows the model as COAX and it's currently set up in M240B format.

Gun comes as pictured with 240 barrel, upper and lower heat shield, 240 topcover with optic, and 240 stock. Mount is also included.

Gun is marked "Cadillac Gage Warren, Mich" on the right side of the receiver.

I have a lot of M240/MAG-58 parts available to the buyer at reduced pricing if interested.

Form 3 in Texas.


Pictures located at the below album link:















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Hello Eric:  I am interested in the tool roll, link bag, and gun mount if they don't sell with the gun.

Also, I am interested in the M60 barrel, fluted, shown with the Mag 58 bbls.

Is the M60 barrel for sale individually? price?  Thanks

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I'm also interested in the fluted M60 barrel....for your reference on what it actually is, see below. It's from the CAR-60... The concept brought about before he M60e3 Kit was created.

Aaron- Mohnton, Pa



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Sorry for the confusion with the M60 barrel in there. I appreciate the info from everyone. My wife took pics for me of a pile of parts for this post and the 60 barrel was included by mistake. Obviously it's not available with this parts set. I will list it separately in a few days in another ad. 

If all the parts aren't bought by the purchaser of the gun then I'll offer the parts for sale later. 



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