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David Albert

Personal (Non-Commercial) Site Subscriptions


1 post in this topic is transitioning to a pay to post advertising site. This has been a long time coming, after remaining a completely free site for almost 17 years.  Hopefully you have adjusted to, and now enjoy the new format features that were put in place beginning on 1/8/16.  We began the next phase of the new Sturm with commercial level members at the beginning of April, and are now prepared to continue with non-commercial (personal) subscriptions.  

 In the past, we have relied on t-shirt sales, and other promotional items to attempt to offset some of the costs associated with the site, and have personally made up the difference out of pocket.   Since 2004, when we had to transition to a dedicated server and ISP host to accommodate the bandwidth of the site, this has amounted to many tens of thousands of dollars.  We've received some donations from users of this site in the past, and many donations from the extremely supportive members of our sister board,  We’re quite grateful for all support sent our way over the years.  

Our intent with transitioning to a pay to post format is to offset all costs, and hopefully recover some past deficits.  We don't intend to gouge anyone...Non-commercial subscription rates are about what you’d pay for a normal box of .45 ammo, or maybe a mag dump or two out of your favorite MG.  You will see that the subscription rates are very reasonable, and they are necessary to maintain and upgrade the site going forward.  As a personal site subscriber, you have two rank choices…Sergeant, or Lieutenant.  Sergeant is $15/year, and Lieutenant is $20/year.  The main difference is the ability to directly host images on the site, versus remotely hosting images.   Both personal subscription ranks allow you to post as many ads as needed (within the site guidelines).  Please keep in mind that a personal subscription is appropriate for a hobbyist, or someone who is liquidating their personal collection, but is not appropriate for anyone who sells the same item in large quantities, operates under a business name, is selling for profit, or has an FFL other than C&R.

One note about the rank of Corporal…If you have a Corporal rank currently, it means that you were an existing member of when we uploaded the member database to the new format on 1/2/16.  As such, you can post non-commercial ads for a year (until 1/8/17) before you will need to upgrade your account.  As a Corporal, you have the same posting abilities as a Sergeant.  You may still feel free to upgrade your account now, if you wish.

Again, your support is very much appreciated.

To choose a personal site subscription, please go to this link:


David and Andy Albert




National Rifle Association
Past President, The American Thompson Association
American Society of Arms Collectors
Ohio Gun Collectors Association
Thompson Collectors Association
Carbine Club
Garand Collectors Association
International Ammunition Association
Contributing Writer, Small Arms Review Magazine
Co-Author, "Thompson Manuals, Catalogs, & Other Paper Items" Collector Guide
One of the "Other Authors" of "The Ultimate Thompson Book," by Tracie L. Hill
Eagle Scout, and Member of NESA

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