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WTB: FG42 bayonet, accessories $500 LA, CA


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As the title says:


I will pay $500 cash for a last production model, G-type FG42 bayonet - this is the one that is NOT knurled around the grip section.

If you wish to "counter" that price with me, feel free to email to: figgypix (at)

I can pay by PP, CC, MO - or Bank Transfer.

If you are not sure if you have a MAS36 bayonet or an FG bayonet, look closely, the FG will have a three letter factory code on it, the MAS will not, simple.

On the accessory front:

I am looking for anything FG42 related, but, specifically:

1. I am looking for the a last production model, G-type FG42 sling - swivel fitting one end, like the MG34/42 and carabiner the other end, unlike the MG34/42 sling it will not have a split mid-section.

2. I am also looking for a magazine crate - this will say amongst other things: "...FG42 magazine..." on the top cover - with a Luftwaffe code stamped into the wood on the inside.

Likewise, counter me with $ figures you want to sell for.

I will start at $500 each of the above - just let me know.

Thank you!



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