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WTS AUG MP5 FAL AR Sterling UZI Parts $6-700

Location: Huntsville, AL

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WTS/WTT AUG MP5 FAL AR Sterling UZI Parts $6-1200

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AUG A2/A3 Folding Charging Handle complete assembly Black or Green handle (you pick) Qty=1 $100 ea

AUG barrel latch mechanism removed from receiver black button Qty=1 $50 ea
AUG Barrel button (Green or Black) $30 ea
AUG FA Stock, Used with cross-bolt modified to fit semi receiver no butt pad Qty=1 $150
AUG Front sling swivel & roll pin Qty=2 $15 ea
AUG Scope, 1.5X Donut retical in housing cut from receiver used Qty=1 $150 ea
AUG semi auto stock replacement carrier guide rods - pair Qty=1 $50 set

FAL/L1A1 Parts Lot: $65
FAL receiver cut pieces w good front that can be welded to an 80%
L1A1 Flash hider 3 slot
L1A1 Folding Charging Handle

MP5 flat & weld kit, LSC $165
MP5 German Forearm Used PD drilled for rails $20
MP5 paddle mag release set German $95
MP5 rear sight, German $65



MP5 German Mag Catch $60
Fix your clone gun mag issues

MP5K End Cap w/ H buffer & Sling Loop $20

Sterling MK4 Barrel New Old Stock with factory proofs in wax paper LAST ONE $1200 SOLD

Sterling MK4/5 Extractor, spring, & pin NOS $75
Replace your worn parts and fix extraction issues.

Sterling MK4/5 Mag release button, spring, & catch NOS $75
Sterling MK4/5 Butt cap standard, used Qty=1 $45 ea
Sterling MK4/5 Folding stock used Qty=2 $50 ea
Sterling MK4/5 pistol grips used Qty=2 $25 ea
Sterling MK5 wood foregrip, NOS with stock catch Qty=1 $150

UZI four NIB 32 round 9mm Mags & Pouch $200
mags & pouch photo: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/MGSwifter/Parts4Sale/UZI.jpg

Swarovski 3-9x36 Scope Used Excellent with 1" rings $500
AR15 two Ciener 22 mags and modified Ramline loader $100
AR18/180 Trigger & Hammer pins with C-clips $45
Glock new 1-22 & 2-23 mags & loader $60 for the set
M1A spring guide GI $25
Ruger 10/22 Eagle mags 30 rnd NOS Qty=2 $25 for the pair

PS90 Large charging handle Qty=1 $35 ea

Trades Considered:
AUG Black 3 position selector
B&T MP5/MP5K mounts 10266 & 21241
Colt 6920 barrels 16"
Colt SOCOM 14.5" barrel
M16 bolt carrier group
AR15 20" barrel with FS and FH
AR15 flat top receivers (need 2)
UZI/MINI/MICRO kits, receivers, repair sections, semi auto bolts & parts
Sterling MK4,5,7 mag well, grip frame, receiver end pieces

Hk53 receiver or flat

First "I'll Take It" beats all pending questions.
Shipping is extra ($7 small, $14 medium flat rate, larger by specific item)



Edited by James Ray
Updated for SOLD and Parts added

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Private message sent on the 2 AUG butt plates.

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If the carrier guide rods are for a FA stock, I would like to buy them.


Thank you, Wes

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Bump with added items and lower prices

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bump for July with updates

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Bump for the month

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