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WTS: .380 MAC M11/M12 spare parts lot $80

Location: Citrus Heights, Ca.

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Everything you see in this picture for $80 shipped what an insane deal! Want this gone ***CROSS POSTED

supajc AT hotmail

-Thread protector, unsure of thread pitch

- (2) sets of NOS/NIB barrel wrenches (2 pieces per set) to remove barrels from all of the Mac series of weapons, .380, 9mm, .45 acp. The threads should be 5/8x11, 3/4x10, 7/8x9, plus a 1/2 x 28.

- MINT mint manual with intact registration card (not in picture)

-New cleaning rod .380 ca

-Semi auto hammer

-Hi Rise cocking handle w/1 spring & 1 roll pin, NOS

-Scope mount with single 1" scope ring. Unsure how it mounts. Looks like side rail gets mounted to receiver then mount slides on; can't find anything like it online.

-(2) Semi-auto firing pins, NOS

-another Hi-rise charging handle, this baggy has 2 roll pins and a spring

-bag with 1piece ball bearing receiver pin, trigger pin, recoil rod pin, and another I can't ID

- (2) OEM Cobray marked 10 round magazines .380 like new, and 3 mag pouches. They'd be great for a lot of single stack mags as well (1911)

- (2) fake suppressors/BBL extensions. They are different thread pitches, I think the vented one is for .380 but can't be sure. Foam on other one has indentations from storage







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