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Have a small quantity of new m240 parts to upgrade your mag 58 or m240 or repair your weapon.

U.S  GI  model Tripod complete with pintle and Traversing Elevating mechanism. 900.00

M240L  new collapsible stock complete with tall and short cheek rest $600 very rare costs 1600. From MGW!

Tall Cheek, new for collapsible new type lightweight stock, 84.00  very scarce. For 249 or 240 type

Have a complete m249 saw auto open bolt  parts kit, all in new condition, with all build reciever components for SOT builders or to make a semi. 8500.

M240 or m249  latest type Fde heavy weapons sling padded quick detach Clips new condition $45

M249 exc. Condition  collapsible hydraulic stock complete 175.

Carbide tool for 240 gas system 40. New

M240 barrel heat shield new 80.

M240 select fire trigger group new 925.

M240L new type collapsible leg bipod new condition complete 450.

Complete m240 stock fixed type hydraulic buffer 250 .

M240 feed tray, 250.

M249 kac new tri rail hand guard system  replaces outdated plastic hand guard 175.00 new

M240 firing pin 75.

M240 extractor kit, 3 parts 110.

M249 combo tool 30. New.

M249 para barrel blank adapter 50.

Lots of other m249 or m240 Other  parts, please inquire

Direct only please don't PM gprue8@aol.com 

Call 828 773 1938 Greg


















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