WTS: MP4-20 Russian 4-20x Sniper Spotter Scope $275

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An unissued Russian spotting scope. These scopes were issued to snipers and often used with the Dragunov SVD. Its in great shape and the glass appears to be flawless. It comes with the wrapped amber filter and cleaning cloth in the picture. We received this as part of a package with one of our original Russian military SVD's. Magnification is 4x-20x adjustable and it has a ranging reticle similar to the PSO-1 scope. Here's your chance to own a rare optic in excellent condition.

http://www.armslist.com/posts/4282123/t ... ting-scope

I got lazy and copied this ad because this guy knows more about this optic than I do.
I guess these are the range finder optics used for snipers in Russia.

Has the amber lens and clamp mount so you can pretty much mount it in many different places.

The importer's info on this optic:

"Spotting Scope with Range Reticule

Variable Power Military Scope MP 4-20 x 40

Magnification range 4 X - 20 X
Field of view 1.5 - 9°
Ocular adjustment -5 / +10
Weight 1 lb.
Measure 11.5" x 2.5" (dia)

Genuine Soviet issue made for Spetznaz (Special Forces Units). Used for concealed observation and remote sniper correction. Amazing Soviet era workmanship. Sensational image quality multy-coated optics. Tuned metal body parts, individual serial number and logo of Novosibirk Optical Works - one of the famous Soviet Optical Manufacture from the World War II, deep yellow light enchantment filter. Superior Soviet Military gray enamel finish. Incorporates 2-dimensional military style rangefinder reticule for fast estimation of the distance to the object or object physical dimensions. Telescope can be hand held or mounted to virtually any object or surface (bench, board, stub, tree...) with the provided universal clamp and 360° pivot mount. Comes in a military style soft case with detailed English instructions on use of the range reticule."

© 2001-2007 Lan Optics International. All rights reserved.
15 Sparhawk Drive, Burlington MA 01803, USA

Here is a great article that shows examples of this scope in use:

This optic was made for the Spetznaz, pretty cool if you ask me.

Pics available to serious buyers

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Price drop

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Make a fair offer if genuinely interested.

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I can take ammo in trade, or perhaps a 22lr rifle.

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