WTS: RPB M11.380 with Lage 9mm Max 31K upper A.K.A. Baby Mac $7,950

Location: Mount Washington, Ky

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"Sold Pending Funds"

I’m selling my RPB M11 .380. This is what many people refer to as a “Baby Mac”. This comes with a Lage Max 31k upper so you can shoot 9mm as well as .380. RPB is stamped on one side and Ingram on the other. The proper model and caliber designation is M11, Cal 9mm AutoK. Don't let that confuse you, 9mm AutoK is .380acp. This is a small magwell gun with original finish.

It comes with:

Soft case that holds 3 mags and gun with original upper.

4 30 round mags for .380

1 50 round mag for .380

9mm Lage Max 31k upper

5 Suomi 71 round drums for Max 31k

5 Converted 32 round sten mags for Max 31k

1 Suomi 50 round coffin mag for Max 31k

Lage K grip

Lage small magwell grip

Lage safety

Lage full auto only competition trigger

Lage stock adapter

Folding stock adapter for AR buffer tube

Magpul stock

Troy fold down sights

Plus, all the original parts.

$7950 includes shipping

This transfers form 4 from Kentucky.

First call or text saying they want it gets it.

This first Picture is from when I picked it up. It shows just how small the gun really is.


The Rest of the pictures show the gun with the lage max31K upper attached






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Deal with confidence guys, American180 is top notch!!! Bought several things from him and it ALWAYS WENT SMOOOTH :-)

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