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WTS: Huge Assortment of Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Ammo $15+

Location: Las Vegas

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All Ammo is new old stock and it is in the factory box. Shipping will depend on weight.  Payment via usps mo or discreet PP +3.5% Free pick up if you are local


Rifle Ammo by Full Box:

1x Federal Premium Safari 20rds 338 Win Mag 225gr Trophy Bonded P338T1 $55

1x Winchester Black Talon 20rds 338 Win Mag 230gr FST S338XA $130

1x Remington 20rds 338 Win Mag 250gr PDT Soft Pt R338W2 $50

1x Weatherby 20rds  .340 Weatherby Mag 250gr Nosler UNA1824/ 18604 $80


Shot Gun Ammo by Full Box:

4x Winchester double X mag 5rds super buck 10ga 3½  $15ea

1x Federal mag Hi-Shok slug 5rds 10ga F103-RS 3½  $15


Pistol Ammo by Full Box:

1x Speer Gold Dot 20rds 50AE 325gr UHP  3977 $45

2x Corbon 20rds 454 Casull 360gr PN $80ea

3x Corbon 20rds 454 Casull 285gr bonded core $55ea

2x Corbon 20rds 45 Colt +p 300gr jacketed soft Pt $30ea

1x Corbon 20rds 44 Mag 305gr PN $50ea


Partial Boxes are in the manufacture boxes but they are not complete:


1x Winchester super X .45 win mag 260gr HSP 12rds X45WMA $15

1x Corbon 10rds 44 Mag 305gr PN $27

1x Corbon 10rds 44 Mag 280gr BC $20

1x Federal Premium 357 sig JHP 19rds P357S1 $19



1x Remington Premier 7mm rem ultra mag 140gr core-lc PTD soft Pt. 16rds PR7UM1 $25

1x Winchester Black Talon 338 Win Mag 230gr FST s338XA 7rds $45

1x Federal Premium 300 Win Mag 200gr Boat-Tail Soft point P300WC 11rds $25

1x Weatherby .300 Weatherby Mag 180gr PT-EX THA1727/ 17665 9rds $36




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