WTT: Fleming H sear in burst pack with HK51 host, looking for a list of possible items

Location: Carlisle, Pa

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I have a Fleming H sear that is in a 3rd burst pack that comes with a HK51 host that was built from a SAR48. Was supposed to have a buyer but haven't heard back, so figured I'd see if I could find a trade item for something else I was looking for. This is at a local dealer, so will transfer to you on a F4 if you live in Pa, or a tax free F3 to your dealer if you live out of state. 

Im not really looking for cash as I've already paid for this, but I have a ton of trade things I'm looking for. Some things you'd add cash or trade items, some things I'd add for.

  • Registered AK, prefer fixed stock or krink
  • Transferable Mini uzi or full size uzi
  • Transferable M14 or M1a
  • transferable M60
  • Transferable BAR
  • Transferable RPD
  • Transferable DSHK
  • Transferable Mac M11a1 in 380acp
  • Transferable S&W pistol auto sear
  • transferable FN FAL
  • Transferable M2 ma duce
  • Premay M249
  • XM-3
  • Knights M110, MK11 mod0 or 1, or bring back 
  • MP5SD sear host
  • Shrike
  • HK23e or MM23e 
  • FM-9 9mm beltfed upper
  • M16 RR or colt M16 of some flavor
  • Barrett M107a1(would consider other Barrett semi)
  • AIAW 338LP
  • Ammo, linked 5.56 and 308, mil surp, bulk is better
  • Might consider other NFA items and transferables and premays. Never know what might sound good at the time
  • Gold, silver, and other PM's

Feel free to send me offers by message or send me an email at dmiiiconsulting@gmail.com

Thanks, Donald 

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Keep thinking of other things to add

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