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WTS: DSA Polish RPD Belt Fed 7.62x39 Post-86 DS Machine Gun $8000

Location: Austin, Texas

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I have a Post-86 Dealer Sample RPD made by DSA Inc. on a Polish Parts Kit. As you know these parts kits are now gone so getting a C2 to just make one is more difficult. I have attached photos of the actual machine gun. It was purchased in 2017 from DSA. It is overall in excellent condition as you can see. On a Form 3 in Texas. Weapon is registered to my SOT and in my possession. Will not be fired any more so what you see will be the same condition.

As this is a Post-86 Machine Gun please note you will have to obtain a valid Law Letter signed by a CLEO of a LE Agency. Make/model for the letter is: "DS Arms Inc. RPD" and the caliber is 7.62 x 39.

Overall length is 36.5" and the barrel length is 16.5." This uses non disintegrating belts. It will come with the following pictured accessories: five metal drums, one SAW nutsack, one sling, and eight belts. One belt is covered in cosmoline so unfortunately the new owner will have to clean that up. There are four starter tabs included as well. I also have the DSA factory manual.

The machine gun itself has modern furniture (Magpul stock, SAW style grip, grip pod, and picatinny railed forend) and has a removable SAW box holder.

Asking price is $8000.00. Shipping will be at actual cost and the buyer can provide a shipping label or they can pay the actual rate upon approval of ATF Form 3. I used to just say ground shipping but in light of the policy changes with UPS/FedEx/USPS I have been reading about it may be best to figure out shipment when the time comes. 

Payment terms are certified funds, discreet electronic funds transfer from your business account, or business check from your SOT. Visa/MC/Discover would incur +4%.

Obviously you must have a FFL/SOT with a valid law letter to purchase. 

This is on the inexpensive side of belt feds and parts kits have dried up so this probably won't last long. Payment terms are 100% up front to secure the item. Then please have a law letter within 30 days so we can initiate the transfer.

Thank you.










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