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WTS: Spikes Tactical Compressor SBR 5.56mm $3k

Location: Austin, TX

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I have inbound from Spikes Tactical a brand NIB Compressor in 5.56mm. It is a two stamp weapon (SBR 8.1" barrel + suppressor). These are backordered from Spikes, I was lucky and my number finally came up and NFA approved it so they are shipping it to me.

Price is $3000.00 + two NFA tax stamps ($400 payable direct to ATF NFA) and $50 UPS Ground shipping via certified funds, which is price discounted for cash. I can accept Credit Cards but lose the 3% discount (Visa/MC/Discover). Payment terms are 100% up front to start NFA Transfer. If you are a Texas resident I can file the Form 4's direct to ATF, if you are out of state I will submit the Form 3 transfers to your in-state SOT and they will transfer to you on two Form 4's. Note you are responsible for any transfer fees your SOT may charge. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax or have a valid sales tax exemption.

I am an FFL/SOT 03 located in Austin, Texas. I meet by appointment only.

You can call/text me at (512) 423-1593 or email to spreadfirearmsREMOVETHIS*at*AOL*dot*com.

For further information on this item please see the link to manufacturer's website here: http://www.spikestactical.com/st-compressor-sbr-556-nfa-p-491.html

Thanks to Andy, Buddy, and David for the new and improved Sturm!

Spreadfire Arms | Austin, TX | FFL/SOT 03


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