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Account James76 is a scammer


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Been seeing an up tick in scammers on here, guys please do your due diligence on things. Ask for reference checks if needed, they are getting better by watching discussions on forums. Hopefully admins can IP block this user. 

Was bad enough to even steal another users photos, post, and subject text from an ad I actually bought three years ago. That one was good for a laugh. O.o

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blocked him ...... note ..... ALWAYS post scammers ...... email addresses they use ..... IN YOUR TITLES ..... this helps guys .... ZERO IN FASTER 

Scammer >> James76




I only accept  PAYPAL  ZELLE or US Postal Money Orders.

Paypal / ZELLE  Required within 24 hours / US Postal Money Orders Required within 5 days

Email me DIRECTLY at

NO PM's or IM's 

Main Link to My Picture Albums >>

" Life's Tough ..... it's even Tougher if you're Stupid "

" My gun is not illegal .... it's just undocumented !  "

" Is calling an illegal alien an " undocumented immigrant " like calling a drug dealer an Unlicensed Pharmacist ? "


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