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Good evening all,

Does anybody out there have some of the Korean 30 carbine ammo that was being sold a year or two back? I unfortunately missed out on picking some up and was hoping to score some to restock the pile. I wouldn't be interested in any more than a can of it unless it's at a really good price. I live in WI but will be heading out to Knob Creek in Oct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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You might be better off to pay SGAmmo for some of the grade 2 stuff they are listing right now rather than coming on here and asking people to sell you primo ammo at below market prices, that they actually made the move on back then, because you lagged at the time.....the good stuff, no problems, on bandoleers/strippers in a sealed can goes for $1K these days... because everyone knows that for .30 Carbine this is the last real mil-spec, mil packaging ammo we are ever gonna see.

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