WTS Yugo M84 M-84 Parts Kits PKM Excellent Condtion Look (1) Hundred Belt $3500ea

Location: Glen Allen VA

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Sold as a set (as pictured). These kits are demilled Yugo M84 PKM Machine Guns $3500ea. All kits are complete, minus the barrel. A Torch cut Demilled receiver & 100rd belt are included but not pictured. These kits are in excellent condition with little to no wear. This kit is a representation of what you will receive they are all in excellent condition. Most of these are matching numbers but not guaranteed. Don't be fooled these are the best kits out there on the market. These have had all the de mill work done for you all the rivets pressed out or drilled out. All the barrel parts were pressed of properly. You will only need Rivets,Barrel & either re weld or buy a new receiver. These are not legal in all states and local areas. It's up to you to know your local laws. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more pictures * For Payment We Take Personal Check & Certified Check * Money Orders Prefer USPS * Credit Card  3% Visa, MasterCard,Discover & American Express. There will be a 50 dollar shipping charge. These are very nice kit we only have about 40 there hard to come by in this shape. We are willing to work a better price for a larger quantity

PKM M84 kits 2021 (3).jpg

PKM M84 kits 2021 (2).jpg

PKM M84 kits 2021 (5).jpg

PKM M84 kits 2021 (1).jpg

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