Vertical grip on an M240?


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Is there was a good way to put a vertical grip on an M240? Because you can put one on the railed heat shield but the rail that attaches to doesn't allow the bipod to be folded up as it gets in the way.

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The USGI M240 forward rail systems do not have a bottom rail. A lot of guys in the military put a pistol grip on the side of that rail. See photo below..  I personally do not like that. 
   There was one type of grip made (STS M240 Grip adapter. Bottom photo)  but it never got used large scale from what I understand. 







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2 hours ago, Aaron in Mohnton Pa said:






Don't have a 240 but I have the 21e, 249, 23e. I use the original gripod like above but on the bottom. Have the M240 grip adapter but only use it on m16/ A10 front handguards that get too hot. i sometimes have it on a 21e

On the Hk series I added a rail, simple tap/thread on the bottom, then add rail.

On the 249 I have a MI rail that used mlok.

If I were you, I would just add a tap/thread rail on the bottom and use whatever you want

couple examples





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