WTS complete RPD kit (unfired?) and weld jig/extras $1200+ semi auto kit

Location: Western CT

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stupid things happen and companies suddenly end contracts so people get laid of, now i'm selling this to move funds around for other builds.  i really really really really don't want to sell this but i kind of don't have a choice now.

seemingly unfired polish RPD kit with receiver parts and weld jig with up to 4 cut receiver sections.  

original polish RPD kit with receiver 2 de-mill receivers and weld jig $1500 shipped
just the RPD kit 1200 shipped obo 



3 more RPD sections, top 2 are $100 each and the bottom one $130 with the over lapping sections.  Or $300 shipped for them all


last is a half way finished semi rpd kit with an almost finished receiver modified to Project Guns specs with the semi auto mods done to the fire controls, bolt, op rod and bolt.
still needs the barrel work done and fine polishing on the receiver.  
$1600 shipped.  i can get better pics of this later if there is interest.


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Im interested in the 3rd receiver kit with the overlaping sections. I can be reached via email at or cel 662-four one seven-5593 for voice or text. thanks!

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Unfired complete kit, weld jig and 2 cut receivers is sold.  


Only lu selling the semi kit now.  

Would possibly sell the reweld receiver in the bottom picture.  

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