British 1907 pattern bayonet

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I have a 1907 pattern British bayonet with scabbard and frog.  I am not a bayonet collector so I’m looking to sell

I have tried to decipher the markings from the information I could find online.  There is no reign mark visible although there is an R in the area on the left ricasso where the reign mark should be.  That area has been heavily buffed but it could have been GR for George V.  Also on the left ricasso the area where the manufacturer’s name would be stamped has been buffed smooth.  Aside from the broad arrow and bend test mark there are at least 4 separate Enfield inspection marks on the right ricasso and what appear to be date stamps for 18, 30, 34, 36 and 38, some located on either side.  There are a few other marks for which I can find no reference.

The right side of the pommel is marked O.T.C., MAL and 177.  I have been told this probably stands for Officers’ Training Corps, Malvern College, rack #177.

The bayonet blade is in decent shape, it does not appear to ever have had a significant sharpening, the point is straight and the true edge has no nicks but there are a couple areas of minor corrosion.

The 1937 pattern frog is heavy canvas webbing, approximately the green khaki color of USMC WWII web gear rather than the British tan khaki.  The markings on the back are no longer legible.

The leather covered scabbard is unmarked, it appears to be in good condition.

I am asking $175 but I’m open to offers, buyer pays shipping



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Man if I still had my Lanchester SMG I'd be on it.  Note for anyone else who has one, this is the bayonet you need.

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