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Hello everyone. I just got my first SWD  M11 (just arrived at my class three dealer, who happens to have a gun range, so I can use it all I want while I’m waiting on the tax stamp ) and my Lage upper just came in as well (Max11 mk2 - with k grip and mag well/grip replacement.  Got the VBS as well).  Collapsible stock on order.

These questionS are for current and former owners of the SWD M11 - What other accessories or challenges lay ahead for me? I am aware of all the Lage uppers and parts available- but if there is one thing as far as upgrades better than others, would love to know what my order of upgrades should be.  Also, are there other manufacturers besides Lage I should be looking at?

Lastly, are there any original parts I should stock up on?

Let’s see what kind of advice ya got for a M11 newbie! 



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Do you mean the m11 .380 or the 11/9 9mm? Sounds like you got a good handle on what to get already. A spare set of fcg parts is good to have laying around, but they don’t routinely eat parts or anything. If you bought an 11/9 I’d probably look into a rifle caliber upper. They’re the bee’s knees. Lage’s is pricey, but there are a few others like the Ultimac in the works that looks promising. Basically, if you see ANYTHING you think you might want for it, just buy it ASAP. This is a niche market, with lots of limited time runs. Cool stuff cometh, and cool stuff goeth, but wise man buyeth ALL! =D

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Look for a cfw bolt.  Lower your rof out of a factory style upper.   I’ve got a grey ghost upper for mine.  The Lage uppers are great but they are much bigger and lose the 1970s mac looks 



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